Tyrone Johnson (born January 22, 1980), professionally known as Musicman Ty, is an American Record Producer, Musician, Songwriter, and DJ. He is best known as a Producer and Musical Director for Swizz Beatz.

Born and raised in Washington DC, Musicman Ty grew up listening to gospel music. Consequently, his deep-rooted passion for music started early. He first started playing guitar at the young age of three years old, quickly moving on to add bass, piano and drums to his instrumental repertoire.

Coming from a very musically inclined family gave him an advantage unlike many others. He was surrounded by singers and musicians from the time he was born, such as his grandmother who played the organ and the piano. As they were growing up, him and his brother would visit her to learn and practice. He was inspired by his mother, the church choir director to learn how to utilize his voice in combination with playing various instruments. Both of his uncles were musical directors for their church and they played in the church choir as well. One played the bass and one played guitar. Musicman Ty took lessons from his uncles amongst other family members to sharpen his skills.

Furthermore, his love for music guided him to learn various instruments and branch out of church into the school band where he was the first chair trumpet. He then had the honor of playing in the Howard University gospel choir. Not long after he was asked to play with legendary gospel artist Daryl Coley.

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Live Entertainment

  • Guitarist
  • Pianist
  • Drummer
  • Bass
  • DJ

Music Production

  • Producing
  • Vocal Production
  • Song Writing
  • Song Structure
  • Composing the Music
  • Mixing & Mastering

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